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What is the End Goal

Since the day I started writing the Blog, I knew I was going to soon write about this. This question has been wondered about by many. It always gets me thinking. What really is the purpose of Life?

  • Is getting a perfect job a purpose of Life? (So studying hard & working even harder is the purpose?)
  • Is having that girl you always fantasized? (All this just to produce next generation of Humans?)
  • Or better yet, is it about praying a lot so that you get The Heaven? (What is Earth, A testing place? Placements couldn’t be the aim)

I haven’t successfully answered myself yet. I keep giving up. But this question keeps coming back to me. For the time being I am at peace with this question.

Everything we do, has aim. When we go to college, we want to make friends or study hard or just enjoy. When we argue with some one, our aim either is to prove ourselves better or just enjoy a healthy argument etc etc. You get the gist, everything has a purpose, an ulterior motive, higher aim! What about life?

Whatever you might believe, I have chosen to believe that I got this life & now since I don’t know the aim, I will rather make the best out of it while I can. I do what I love & Love what I do (I am an Android girl but love this Blackberry line 😛 )

Living a life without a purpose is like working hard at job way lower than your levels just because you have nothing better to do.


For it’s worth, Truth is Overrated

Who is ready for truth?  Who wants to be told how people actually perceive you? Who wants to know the truth if it’s going to hurt?

Somebody really close told me you are selfish! Yes, I am! So is everyone else. Doesn’t mean I don’t make an effort to do selfless acts! It is a fact, it is the truth. But it (sure as Hell) definitely doesn’t mean I want you to say I am selfish.

Does that mean you keep lying cos Truth is bitter (or probably because your thoughts are cruel?)? Fact is, is coming out clean worth enough to lose what is at stake? Was it worth telling me “You are Selfish”?

No, I am not writing this post to bitch about that person. This is only to re-instate that Truth is over rated. If coming out clean and owning up to the Truth helps you, go ahead! It is even worth hurting others. (If your friend’s boyfriend is cheating on her, tell her the truth even if it hurts her.) But telling the Truth just because you don’t want to lie, is as stupid as eating too much food cos you don’t want to waste it.

Understand that staying in denial helps people. Telling someone that they are dumb isn’t worth it. What they don’t know can’t hurt them. In any case, what did you gain by telling the Truth? If the person is dumb, they can’t obviously do any thing about it. It is just the way they are. If you can stand them, be their friend or else, part ways. Why voice your opinion just for the heck of it?

What would the world be like if everyone said the whole complete truth without any omissions? Surely not a Happy World. When I say the truth, I evaluate it’s worth. Cos hurting people just for the sake of Truth isn’t worth it. Honesty is as relative as truth. For what it is worth, Truth is overrated.

How do you cool it anyway?

I am extremely bored of people telling me to Relax or to cool down. (Facebook & Twitter) Friends tell me to Chill, whatever that means. Surely not put my head in the freezer, though my friends know I will love it there (ooh!! So much of ice).

When you read something, it is difficult to assume the tone it was written in, unless of course emoticons serve their purpose. But I am not habituated of using emoticons. Is this the reason people assume the worst and believe that I am mad at them and ask me to “Chill”? I wonder why do people assume the worst?

Sometimes you get the feeling that every one is so concerned. Not about your health, but to set a pace which isn’t too fast for them. Every one wants you to ease up so that they don’t have to run faster. “Don’t push”, “Take a deep breath”, “Think again”, “Back off”, “Relax”, “Take it easy”!! OMG, you kidding me? Since when are you so concerned? When did you start playing so important a role in my life so as to tell me this? If not encourage, at least don’t discourage?

What good is it going to do anyway? Pay the bills? Work will happen on its own? Why should you just sit back & relax? Why not plan the next meet or meet friends (if you think you have done enough work)?

I have decided to leave this lot of people alone. I won’t bother replying to them. They are needed to slow down everyone cause apparently they can’t keep the pace. If you slow down cause of them, it will be your fault. Now go ahead and do something constructive !! 🙂 🙂