How do you cool it anyway?

I am extremely bored of people telling me to Relax or to cool down. (Facebook & Twitter) Friends tell me to Chill, whatever that means. Surely not put my head in the freezer, though my friends know I will love it there (ooh!! So much of ice).

When you read something, it is difficult to assume the tone it was written in, unless of course emoticons serve their purpose. But I am not habituated of using emoticons. Is this the reason people assume the worst and believe that I am mad at them and ask me to “Chill”? I wonder why do people assume the worst?

Sometimes you get the feeling that every one is so concerned. Not about your health, but to set a pace which isn’t too fast for them. Every one wants you to ease up so that they don’t have to run faster. “Don’t push”, “Take a deep breath”, “Think again”, “Back off”, “Relax”, “Take it easy”!! OMG, you kidding me? Since when are you so concerned? When did you start playing so important a role in my life so as to tell me this? If not encourage, at least don’t discourage?

What good is it going to do anyway? Pay the bills? Work will happen on its own? Why should you just sit back & relax? Why not plan the next meet or meet friends (if you think you have done enough work)?

I have decided to leave this lot of people alone. I won’t bother replying to them. They are needed to slow down everyone cause apparently they can’t keep the pace. If you slow down cause of them, it will be your fault. Now go ahead and do something constructive !! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “How do you cool it anyway?

  1. late hi sahi… but i read the best “piece of your mind”…m just glad that m not on the receiving end…loved it darling…you go gal!

  2. @dhara 1)u never say no but at same time u dislike advice so indirectly it is on negative side..huh.. 2) u raise question abt others ppl kind just human being emotions..u not habituated but ppl r habituated Naturally it come out .. 3) and it just not context of written communication.. Bottom line is that everyone has their own different mind of thinking and perceptive..

    • @Jaydeep 1. Who likes an advice which is discouraging? 2. It is not about kind words! “Relax” is not a kind word. It is something which is said when somebody is hyper! People assume somebody is hyper. The problem I have is that they assume others to be hyper. 3. No dude, this is only about written communication. This post is specifically for that. Understand this, the summary is people assume others need to relax & keep telling “chill”. My point is, “taking a beat” is obvious. If you really wanna advice, rather say what to do after relaxing or as they say “taking a chill pill”.

      • hey dear no more comment onwards on this blog nw..i have so much to say..but if i continue like this its never ends.. only bottom line for this ..u have different perceptive..i have different perceptive..thats why difference occurs..

  3. @Jaydeep, assumptions!!! 1. To prove I am not insensitive to people: I never said no to an advice. 2. People being concerned about me: What good has chilling or calming down done to anyone anyway? 3. It is all in the context of written communication. Please read the second paragraph!

  4. U blog is just like coin..and u see and write only one side of coin.. People concern for u thats why they care for u….but u think they waste their time by doing so…

  5. Oooo. This was a ‘typical Dhara’ post. Loved it!! U go girl. M soo looking forward to reading more of ur stuff. N m encouraging u here :P.

    And i totally agree. Its just too hard to predict some1’s tone in a msg or comment(sometimes even if they use emoticons). Coz ppl have this habit of talking in a bit bitchy way and then adding “:P” at the end so that the other person is not offended.(At least i do that so i assume others do it too)

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