What is the End Goal

Since the day I started writing the Blog, I knew I was going to soon write about this. This question has been wondered about by many. It always gets me thinking. What really is the purpose of Life?

  • Is getting a perfect job a purpose of Life? (So studying hard & working even harder is the purpose?)
  • Is having that girl you always fantasized? (All this just to produce next generation of Humans?)
  • Or better yet, is it about praying a lot so that you get The Heaven? (What is Earth, A testing place? Placements couldn’t be the aim)

I haven’t successfully answered myself yet. I keep giving up. But this question keeps coming back to me. For the time being IΒ am at peace with this question.

Everything we do, has aim. When we go to college, we want to make friends or study hard or just enjoy. When we argue with some one, our aim either is to prove ourselves better or just enjoy a healthy argument etc etc. You get the gist, everything has a purpose, an ulterior motive, higher aim! What about life?

Whatever you might believe, I have chosen to believe that I got this life & now since I don’t know the aim, I will rather make the best out of it while I can. I do what I love & Love what I do (I am an Android girl but love this Blackberry line πŸ˜› )

Living a life without a purpose is like working hard at job way lower than your levels just because you have nothing better to do.


9 thoughts on “What is the End Goal

  1. Well Done Dhara!! πŸ˜€
    Do I need to say more or being my best friend you can read my mind from Baroda to all the way in Hyderabad? πŸ™‚

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