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Women Can Change India

I read somewhere recently that Life is Cheap in India (all South-Asian Countries). There are just so many people that there is no value of a single individual. I don’t even want to get into the stats of how many kids are born each day in India and how many people die. Population has been our problem and every one knows that. There are various scheme government initiates to encourage couples to have just 2 kids. I recently came across this One Child Policy (Click) and read how China implemented it along with its Pros and Cons. If you have read these articles, you will notice that negatives of this policy are only because of the way Chinese Government IMPLEMENTED it. What India needs to do is simple, Encourage ONLY one birth per woman and ADOPTIONS!! It is surprising how Chinese government did not use the adoption as the cure of all problems. In case you do not have much idea about negative effects of One Child Policy, I’ll brief you!

  • Skewed sex ratio (Way More Men Than Women) : Now I fail to understand this. If there is a boy preference dogma in the society, couples will keep producing till they get a son. If the first kid is a boy, they need not produce again at all. If not, it increases number of women, How does this policy decreases the number of women for every 1000 men? In any case, my post is for Urban Women and they (I am sure) do not believe in this rubbish Boy-is-better-than-Girl drama. And even if you want a boy & you get a girl or vice-a-versa, GO ADOPT!!! (Here I believe that Urban Women are smart enough to know the side-effects abortions & female infanticide have. So, I believe they won’t stoop down to THAT level at least!! )

P.S. And irrespective of all this, if there are too many men for women, I think it is perfect! Guys will have to work hard and be their best self. 😛 This is what I call Women Empowerment! Yo Ladies, high-five!!

  • The 4-2-1 ratio: This means that the single kid has responsibility of 2 parents & 4 Grand parents. This makes people believe that the only kid will be over burdened and not able to handle responsibility! Hello, did you notice the money you saved by not getting the second child? Go, get yourself a nurse! Nurse will any day take better care of you than your child (boy or girl). And you also generate employment. This is called win-win!!
  • The Emperor Syndrome: Some analysts believe that if the Child won’t have a sibling, parents will over indulge in their only child and make the child a snob (No, they did not use that word. But what do you call a person who does not mingle with other kids &  is over indulged by parents?) This analysis I found the funniest! Are they trying to tell that parents do not know their limits? They are almost 25-30!! They should already know. And what is this thing about not mingling with others? Who said kids only mingle with their siblings? What happened to schools kids & society kids & tuition/classes??

These are the only negatives I came across, if you know more, comment & let me know. I am sure I will have loads to say about that as well. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about JUST the policy. I’ll tell you how women can change India. Just Imagine, If all women decide to give birth to only one child (and you can adopt as many as you want), how brilliant it will be! The constant resources like land (agricultural , Forest & residential) , water, Food, Petrol etc will be available in abundance for us(Well not really abundance, but you get the point)! Nobody will die out of hunger because agricultural land will still be there, what will govt do with the excessive production (Hopefully not let it rot or export)? Traffic will be reduced to half. Oh, I can already dream about it. Right now we wait for 60 seconds (or more) on traffic signals, we will just have to wait for 30 seconds!! Our normal roads will have half the vehicles, it will be like driving on highways! best part will be residential area! We will have so much land for our houses!!

I don’t know why Indian Government does not promote adoption effectively. Whenever I hear about a celebrity adopting kids, I start respecting them. Sushmita Sen earned my respect by adopting 2 girls! There aren’t many famous Adopted Indians but I found out that Naval Tata (father of Ratan Tata) was adopted son. Also Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III (Ruler of Vadodara, Gujarat) was not the born heir to the throne, he was adopted. In fact, His son was the first boy who would actually be the first direct born heir to the throne of the Gaekwads in four generations.

You know how we always talk about doing our bit for the country? This is your chance! Only you can do it and nobody else (This is a Shout-out to all the ladies!!) Please promise yourself that you will give birth to only one child, if you like lot of kids, ADOPT!!! More importantly, talk to all your girl friends about this. And when you go to any one’s marriage, make sure you talk to the bride about this!! Go Girl!!!



Red Carpets Bring Sexy Back

I am a little late to post about it but when most people were so excited about Oscar Awards for best movie, best direction etc., all I cared about was Fashion!!! Dude, the best dress has to be the white gown worn by Gwyneth Paltrow!!

Gwyneth Paltrow

The best Dress of Oscars 2012

During the Oscar days, fashion was in the air. I could relate almost anything and everything with it. Then I decided to bug my followers on Twitter with the Fashion Quotes. But thankfully people liked it. (Four people initiated conversation about it with me & appreciated my effort. Also I got lot of Re-tweets :P) So, I decided to put all my Fashion Quotes here for all those who missed it.

I hope you enjoy reading them. Some are extremely amusing 🙂

  • You can put a girl in Couture, not couture in a girl.
  • No amount of Vintage Wear would Bring sophistication.
  • Dignity doesn’t come with what you wear or what you do, it comes with how you carry what you wear & how you do what you do.
  • I don’t know but it’s been said, Fashion is the way ahead. I don’t know but I’ve been told, Just like Vintage, Old is Gold.
  • Money can buy you cars, party invitations & clothes but not Class, Grace, & Fashion Sense.
  • Real Class is not what you do in front of others, but what you do when you are alone.
  • Nervousness is cute, unless its on the Runway.
  • The naked truth is always better than someone’s best dressed lie (Courtesy Parul Jain)
  • There is a difference between being Presentable & being stylish!
  • Everyone goes through (fashion) disasters, never quitting, & being confident defines characters.
  • Any one can wear beautiful gowns but then most people end up making a Fashion disaster!
  • Fashion is something either you have it or you don’t.
  • Some times way to become a Fashion-ista starts from being a Fashion victim.
  • Cinderella Story is the proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.
  • There is a difference between wearing a long gown & a short dress. Gown needs elegance.
  • Just like every thing else, Fashion has a price to pay.
  • Good Taste in Fashion is as important as good taste in Men.
  • Work hard on yourself. Cos hard work always pays off.
  • Show some, hide some. Key is to keep others wanting for more.
  • Sure natural is fashionable. But to make a real style statement, you need more than just that!
  • Too bad fashion sense can’t be bought. Lucky for some, there are professional stylists.
  • Exhibition is okay but Prohibition tempts!
  • No matter how long you try, you can’t keep faking it.
  • Whoever thought a trend is dead, didn’t realize that it just changed zip codes.
  • Not everything fashionable is comfortable. But if you want a “WOW” on your dressing style, bid good bye to comfort!
  • Rest assured that if you don’t make an effort to be fashionable, you never are going to be one!
  • Love it or Hate it. But you can’t ignore it.
  • All you need is to be Presentable but “Oh-So-Gorgeous” clothes every now and then can’t hurt your pocket much!
  • You can like what you like but you can’t make others like it (Story of every stylist).
  • Always be presentable, you never know who you might bump into!
  • You can’t display your true feelings to everyone. But you can definitely show your style.
  • Fashion is what it is because of the people who follow it, understand it & respect it.
  • It’s not enough that they like you, they need to want you. (Challenge for hot girl & a hot dress).
  • Gone are the days where personality was everything. Now to have personality, you need to have a style (or in some case, stylist).
  • You need to maintain standards in not just what you wear but how you wear them.
  • “You look different” is not always a Compliment.
  • Someone said that it’s not important what people think about you. Hellooo!!!! It is almost the most important thing!!
  • Always be presentable & wear something that you can carry!
  • A Shoe has so much to offer than just to walk (read confidence)!