Money: The Price To Buy Beauty?

I have been a sort of person who is repulsed at anyone who objectifies women. So, clearly, when somebody would talk in the tone that “Women need to be beautiful”, it used to irritate me completely. I’d any day be partial to a compliment “You are smart” over “You are beautiful”. I’d always be inclined to the person giving former compliment over the one giving the latter one. And it goes without saying that I do not like the notion of society that the guys should be affluent and the girls should be pretty.

Recently I came across this episode of Lie To Me in which a rich guy asks the crew to take a test on his fiance and find out if she is taking vows with him for “Right Reasons”. By the end of the episode, it was concluded that she was marrying him because he was rich and she loved him. Episode said something like how can you separate your money from you, it’s just a part of you. Point to note here was why the Rich guy was marrying the not-so-rich-but-extremely-beautiful-girl. Were his Reasons Right?

This made me see the other side of this whole dogma. You can not separate a guy from his money and you can not separate a girl from her beauty. It is the part of the whole personality that one falls in love with. Similarly, in Indian setting, the guy is also supposed to be street smart and the girl is also supposed to be able to take care of home/cook apart from just being pretty. It is just inseparable. When you fall in love, you can’t say that this person is nice at heart and that’s why I love him/her. (I believe every one has a grey shade. If you give people a benefit of doubt and actually try and understand them, everyone has a reason of doing an abominable act). When you fall in love, you love the whole essence of the other person; how she dresses, how she talks, how she reacts in situations, how hygienic she is, will she respect my parents, is she presentable, can I take her to parties. And similarly, will he be take care of me, is he violent, will I be able to adjust to the culture of his family, will he make my life easy. Being nice is just not enough anymore. The grace, the charm, the elegance and similarly the class, the company, the family etc is the part of it.  There is some idea in your mind and the person who you fall in love with is compatible with it. Money and beauty are just part of it. Beautiful Women wish to be seen and similarly Rich Men fancy exhibiting their wealth.

It goes without saying that I am talking about independent individuals who are almost nice if not perfect Ms-Goody-Two-Shoes. Being with a guy ONLY because he is rich or being with a girl only because she is extremely beautiful, never happens. No girl can possibly want a luxurious life if the guy is violent. Similarly no guy would want some extremely pretty girl who is good for nothing. There always is a balance. You compromise some traits and you love the whole idea of the other person. Falling in love with JUST one trait is impossible.

Beauty and Cost always go hand in hand. Or may be not.


5 thoughts on “Money: The Price To Buy Beauty?

  1. Don’t get me wrong…you are quite right in your opinion. I remember my wooing days when I used to compromise lunch money to fill up gas in my kinetic and take her on a drive to sindhrot…:). So there is substantial gratification in smaller elements that are a definite pre-requisite to being in love, like money for girls and looks for guys. But those are God’s tricks to bring the opposite sex together and throw a blanket on the differences. The blanket lifts up once you get married and then starts the real fun…lols…It is then that you realise that money and looks are such temporary superficial waves of a gi-normous ocean of sacrifices that you will daily scuba dive into, once you are married.

    But might I contradict myself and If truth be told, if I weren’t attracted to my wife in the first place, there would have been no relationship. Even today (read as 3 years after my marriage)…the relationship would fail from my side, if I don’t find my wife attractive. So as andro-centric as it may sound…it is an essential fuel to keep the engine of a relationship going.

    So much for an opinion…in short – just have fun. wink!

    • Hey Shelby, Good to hear your story. I agree initial attraction is important. In fact, if you love someone, you need to make an effort. For a girl, the effort needs to be put in being presentable and for a guy, effort need to be put in to make sure he can provide a decent life to his family. Extremists who focus on money/looks are the ones I pity on. They are the ones, I think, are making it all wrong. Because of them looking for pretty girl or rich guy is stigmatized!

  2. Like all things in life, love is relative. Its unquantifiable. You can hate and love a person equally at the same time. Then again, what is the reference or the benchmark or the degree for love? Only if you know to hate, you can know to love.

    It’s the eventual familiarity and “being used to the person” that you generate over a period of time, often construed as love. If you want to experience the highest degree of love for a person, you need to go through or risk losing him or her. Its that pinch that will tell you if love truly.

    Love is the most abused word in the world today. If you really want to be capable of using it, you need to be eligible. The qualification criteria for me is to spend an entire lifetime with a person. Then I will be eligible to use the word love. Until then, I am extremely fond of, deeply in awe of or completely used to my wife Charmaine….

    • Umm… Hey… Thanks for you sharing your opinion. From your comment I can guess that Love and Hate are extreme emotions for you but most people (including me) call the feeling of “extremely fond of, deeply in awe of ” as love. I believe most Humans are not lucky enough to have experienced such heights of emotions.

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