Human Rights: Right For All?

After very long time I saw a movie based on Bihar/UP and so-called Goonda Raj there! Rowdy Rathore is a typical time-pass, stupid-action, over-exaggerating-comedy sort of movie. Even though it is a no-brain movie, I couldn’t stop thinking about the plot and the crippled way of village/small town life shown in it. If the whole torture on tax-paying commoners is actually the way it is shown in the movie, the states are in very sorry conditions.

It saddens me to see a place in India where one is scared of going out because you might be robbed /raped /beaten /murdered. It happens all over the world but the frequency with which it is shown to happen in these states, makes it scary. The whole lawlessness, corruption, poverty and the idea of Goonda (hooligan) Dynasty making and breaking rules is enough for anyone to go cold feet. What shudders me from inside is the entire episode where you can’t even do anything. Surely not every area in those states is as unsafe as it is shown in all such movies, but some are. Such facet can over-shadow anything positive, if exists, of any locality.

It reminds me of the recent uprisings in countries like Syria, Libya etc where people are ready to die for better tomorrow, for better Human Rights and better social-economical conditions. May be my understanding of the whole situation is wrong, but I think violence (at times) can help kill violence. Like the capture/death of Saddam Hussein led to the beginning of new era in Iraq, death of bapji & his son led to relief in the movie Rowdy Rathore, I don’t get the point why such villians are not killed at sight. What’s the point of waiting when direct encounter works. Obviously, it is all considering the established notion that these states have been synonymous with absence of law. What will happen at max, the Hero will die? Didn’t that happen already? Vikram Singh had to die anyway!

If condition in some parts of India is actually such, I think we need either brave government or brave Heroes who’ll shoot these goons and make society better. If this is the price to pay to get rid of rapists/robbers/murderers, so be it.


5 thoughts on “Human Rights: Right For All?

  1. The problem with any society is who will judge the judges?
    If as you suggest, people are killed because they are “villains” who decides who deserves to die and who doesnt?

    There have been numerous cases of Fake encounters and likes and that is as much as human rights abuse as whatever villains might do.

    • I think I am willing to take a risk of few innocent lives if it saves hundreds others. People are anyway dying at the hand of goons. If in the process of killing him/them, 3-4 families suffer, if that is the price to pay, then be it… It all depends on how many people are currently suffering and how many innocent will suffer (for no fault of theirs) in the process of removal of these anti-societal elements… You know, thinking about the greater good types?

  2. So agree Dhara! This was nagging me too… I mean… when the woman finally goes to kill the Villain they stop her and then beat him (a bit) in the jail and then set him free again… until another chase! I dont know abt reality but it sure was nagging me about what their plight was.. what could make people so vulnerable, controlled, tolerant to crime … We do need real heros, and we need people to come together n win the day! A real nice post.. Hope it sends out the message to laugh about the good-part of the time-pass film and possibly be sensitized to the other side, reality that needs our attention.

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