Black, White, Grey And Everything In Between

Have you ever had a very close friend who did something you will never forget? Better yet, have you ever done something to your friend which you think was right but your friend hates you for that?

In earlier times, there was a clear definition of Black and White, Demon and Angel, Bad and Good. The were more of “Don’t Do”s than “Do”s. Everyone noticed, commented and ordered you against your choice if you talked loudly or returned home late or talked to opposite gender or fell in love or expressed your opinion in front of elders etc. The list of “Do”s was limited up to grow up, marry, have kids, respect others & live your family lives.

If you cross the wrong line, you were no different from a murderer. You were to become an outcast or even worse, beaten & killed. Thankfully the next generation took it forward. People are more independent and less scared. But this has blurred the line between right and wrong. Now you can kill someone and still not be an evil (Remember Hrithik’s movie Guzaarish?).  We can’t categorize people in Black and White. We say that unless you are in their shoes, you won’t know the reason of the sin they commit, we say everyone has a reason for a wrong choice. Bad choices are a part of the lives we live. We say we learn and move on. (Remember, I call it a lesson learned?). Don’t we all have friends who made mistakes of dating wrong people? We still forgive them because we know they are not a Saint and so they are allowed to make mistakes. And since they are not a Sinner, they are still our friends.

We forgive politicians for non-performance, parents for emotional & physical pain, friends for back-stabbing, partners for wrong choices and so-on. I have known of people forgiving humiliation, violence and even infidelity (God knows, after all the movies I watch, I am scared of not being completely loyal myself!!). Worst thing you can do, darkest thought you can have, people close to you tend to forgive it all. But  how much is too much after all?


2 thoughts on “Black, White, Grey And Everything In Between

  1. Well, in life with everyone this happens and I personally think, it is necessary to let go because GOD is looking everything and everyone whosoever is doing wrong has to suffer due to his or her bad “KARMA”. I believe in “KARMA” very much. I know people these days rarely believe in “KARMA” but this is the truth. For GOD everyone is equal whether it is celebrity, common man or politician. I know what I have said is all “PHILOSOPHICAL” and in practical to understand all these things is quiet impossible because we are living in artificial world where true values of living has gone, where one person kills other person for money and so on. But we can hope for the best and everyone should live life like a human being and not like a animal because we are very lucky that we have got “AVATAR” of human. So it is necessary to do something productive in life. By the way, nice article. 🙂

    • Thank you, 🙂 Btw, I think people believe in Karma more than thee’d like to admit. Aren’t there bountiful adages like “what goes around comes around”, “karma is a bitch” etc to substantiate the fact. In fact, I have heard such phrases in all the serials and songs as well.

      Irrespective of what people believe, I agree, karma gets back to everyone. 🙂

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