Know Your Politicians

With all the fuss about Presidential Elections, 2014 General Elections and December Elections of Gujarat, I was inquisitive about Educational Background of most important people in Indian Politics. With all the grapevine about Mrs Gandhi being Fifth Pass doing rounds, I felt the need to ascertain the same about our current CMs and Presidents, PMs of all times. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

Usually my Blog Posts are my Opinionated Domain but this time it is just compilation of what I came across. Also, bear the bad embedding of media. 😛

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  • Presidents
Most of our Presidents of all time have been extremely “Highbrow Men”. Receiving Honorary Doctorates and Lecturing at Universities like Oxford and Cambridge assures me that our Head of the State is a creditable person.
  • Prime Ministers

Level of my awe decreases here but we still have had a Kashi Vidhyapeeth Scholar and a Cambridge, Oxford Graduate. All inclusive, not that bad.

  • Chief Ministers

Assorted people form the body of our CMs. From being Home-Schooled to Doctors to IIT Bombay Graduate, some of our CMs are highly educated while few are not-so-well-read but even then they have done good for their states.

Even though all this Google research tells me that states have performed even with the CMs that are not so well learned, but personally I have always been of the opinion that more the educated people in Politics, more the progress we will see. Few of the relatively new CMs (viz Goa, Bihar etc) are also well-read and I am hoping for huge progresses in their respective states. I believe Education has a trickle-down effect. If the Head of the State is highly qualified, probability of success of states increases (plus, it gets easier to respect the States-person). Compared to earlier times, I find more CMs having proper education qualification today.


2 thoughts on “Know Your Politicians

  1. “Knowing your politicians” is not such a simple exercise. It is certainly much more than knowing their educational qualifications. Good education doesn’t necessarily imply honesty either. We have seen the case of Khurshid or the dubious role of Chidambaram in 2-G and there are many more examples. On the other hand, people with even less educational qualification can bring massive constructive changes if they have the zeal, the passion and a strong moral character to bring about positive changes. However, proper education of politicians is a very desirable trait and with time we should expect a large chunk of the population, and not just politicians, to become well-educated! But at the same time we must remember that the integrity of character certainly has its origin elsewhere. If only we could nail it!

    • The last paragraph clearly expresses the second part of what you wrote. Integrity is just a part of politician, just like educational background is. There is definitely more to them than just these TWO things. But, as my introductory paragraph says, I was inquisitive regarding this.

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