The Blogging Culture

It has been round-about six months since I started blogging my personal views. I have had lot of encouragement and surprisingly, most of it has been from people I don’t even know. For example, almost one-fourth of all-time viewers of my blog are from the USA but I hardly know ten people there and they don’t even know I blog.

There are uncountable posts on internet stating why you should blog, but the paramount question is “Why should you READ blogs?”. Blog writing/reading culture hasn’t really evolved in India as yet. Blame it on lack of infrastructure, but that is just an excuse. Reading, as a habit, is not instilled in our Indian minds. We choose to chat on Facebook or crib on Twitter over reading some good article.

Most beings haven’t explored what “blog-world” can offer to an individual. There are blog-posts on every imaginable subject possible. Whatever interests you, you can always find excellent posts relating to it. You can interact with someone who has already gone through what you are going through. Ever bought something you are not happy with? Ever worked in a famous company only to be disappointed by the work-culture? You should have read some reviews/experiences about it on the “blog-world”.

It is an established notion now that reading is essential. What you read, is secondary. Similarly, I believe, reading blog is foremost. Now whether you follow a Shashi Tharoor or a Swaminomics or a brooding photo-artist, that is secondary. The fact the you are ready to broaden your horizon and ready to know more about the world surrounding you is important. Don’t follow any particular blog if nothings appeals to your palate. But, once in a while, Google a topic, choose “Blog” category and read whatever interests you. You can find way better articles than the ones in the editorial section of any leading newspaper.

Words from a blog: “It’s really a shame that more people aren’t reading blogs, and we don’t just say that because we’d like the increased readership.” Blog Link:

“If you dont read blogs, you are no better than the one who can’t read blogs”


5 thoughts on “The Blogging Culture

  1. Hey Dhara, what a post, it is simply amazing. I do blogging because I love to share my interests with the world and blogging is an awesome platform to do so. One more thing, that I love about blogging is that, we can improve our writing skills too, which is important in today’s modern world. According to me, blogging can improve the overall personality of an individual. Lets hope in India, and specially in Baroda, the blogging culture should come. There are bloggers, but very few.

    • Thank you! 😀 True that, considering we are non-native speakers of English language, writing can be instrumental. I hope to see a day when everyone is writing and more importantly, reading blogs.

  2. Don’t sell India down the river too soon. I live in the UK and the whole concept is strange to me and I really don’t know anyone else that does it – as you say its all Facebook and twitter etc. In my case I started blogging simply to order my thoughts and seek opinion, but as you say the real benefit of the ‘blogosphere’ is reading.
    I like your quotes at the end of your post. What I am gaining most from blogging is from reading what others have to say – the exact opposite of what I thought it was all about. Perhaps its not just India or the UK but rather society as a whole that needs to understand the point you make here?
    Good luck with your blogging and reading 🙂

    • Thank you for replying. It is a news to me. I used to believe that this culture was more evolved in the so-called First World. Surely, I didn’t intend to belittle India, just intended to point out an area which has a scope of improvement.
      Also, I’m glad to know that you also believe in the power of reading. Like you, even I expected writing to help me. Instead, Reading is doing me more good.
      Thank you for your wishes 🙂

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