Dear Congress Party

Dear Congress Party, I would love to vote for you because you have some of the most amazing people as a part of your party and because you are a left-wing party but there are some reasons which stop me. I am a simple girl from Gujarat and I would any day vote for BJP in Gujarat unless you consider these points.

  1. You are a left-wing part not by choice but by fate and only because there isn’t any other party who is more leftist than you are. Your actions don’t show traces of conservative politics and that is why you are left-wing, not because you are liberal or socialist. Please start making sure that actions speak louder than the words in your manifestos.
  2. Mrs Gandhi, Can you please clear the air regarding your education? The claims on Wikipedia regarding your honorary doctorate from Madras University etc aren’t really substantiated. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what your education is, but when INC talks about adult education, women education etc., people have smirk on their faces and that bothers me. Put all these issues to rest once and for all?
  3. Rahul Baba, prove your mettle already! Mr Pilot, Mr Scindia come from political families as well but they have proved their worth. You, coming from the most celebrated family in India, should have changed the scenario of politics in India or at least done something outstanding. Apart from average performance of Youth Congress, there is nothing to your credit. Take up some big ministry and let us all see your work?
  4. I understand that none of the major parties across India is perfect. All of them are selfish, venal etc. But you are the strongest party ever and you have had the maximum number of chances to come to the power and do something for people and in all those times you were nothing but average. When even the strongest party isn’t doing something outstanding, why wouldn’t I rather support a party who is doing superb at least in my state? That should explain you why Gujarat chooses BJP for outstanding development work, West Bengal chooses TMC for Singur & Nandigram movements. So is true for other regional parties like SP, JDU etc. Take a hint, India is democracy & majority voters are young. Keep these in mind and you should be able to sweet all the elections.
  5. Voters like to have power. When I am giving you my vote, I would like to keep you accountable for it. Show your support. You can’t hide in your bunglows all the time. Speak up, console people and take actions to make their lives better.

There are many more things that you need to work on. Just start with these and start NOW!


3 thoughts on “Dear Congress Party

  1. There are more serious allegations against INC and bigger threats that INC poses to the nation as a whole than the ones you’ve raised in the post. Anyway, its true that this party deserves to die simply because its too arrogant, too brazen and beyond reform.

    But your analysis is one-sided. You haven’t subjected other parties to any acid test, be it BJP, SP, JDU etc. And almost all of them have failed here because they have wreaked the maximum damage possible in their capacity to our beloved nationy. You say that you would rather vote for BJP because INC has screwed the nation through its command at the centre for the majority of years after independence. To me, the other parties haven’t been substantially better in delivering their duties or proving their moral uprightness, whatever their role. It is just that INC is the role model for everyone else, or if you will, the epitome of debasement. May be you are not aware how bad others have been, or may be you wish to choose the best out of the worst. That’s certainly your choice. Anyway, I would rather use right to reject in such situations.

    • Well, I don’t believe that the party in question deserves to die. I think there is a chance of improvement.
      First line in the 4th point expresses my view of all the parties. No, I don’t say that I’d rather vote for BJP cos INC has screwed the nation, I say, I’d rather vote for BJP at least in Gujarat because of exceptional developmental work. I’ve compared BJP with other regional parties because BJP in Gujarat is perfect but at center it is altogether a different game.

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