Me, Myself

You know people say it’s hard to define yourself? It ain’t a cliche! Defining yourself in one line is easy, you just put up the best of adjectives and tell what you love, so that way, here is what defines me:

Pretty eccentric & attractive. I have  iconoclastic views. I believe that religion is decaying institution. I love good arguments and conversations. I get mad in a millisecond!

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I am usually very opinionated. Once made up my mind, it hard to change cos I make up my mind only after analyzing thoroughly plus I give everyone a benefit of doubt! Some facts about me:

DOB: 11th June 1990 ( I love all these numbers )

DOE: Yet to find out, should be in next 25-30 years. I don’t wanna live long

Sunsign: Gemini (Everything about Gemini applies to me.)

Nationality: Indian (I live in Gujarat, Vadodara)

Here’s my flipkart wish-list, please feel free to send me anything from it:

Now about my opinions & Beliefs, please read the blog!


11 thoughts on “Me, Myself

  1. Hey Dhara, this is Vivek Lohani. I have to make a small request to you. Is there a way to communicate the same to you elsewhere, perhaps on your work email? Please do let me know. Thanks!

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