Might as well Ban It

Indian colloquies are full of witty gags on Governance and the Bans. Search Google to find millions of articles making travesty of the system. Well, I decided to list out few of the bans and a parody in the name of solution for each.

  1. Legal Age to Vote = 18, Legal Age to Drink = 25: Lucky for us, there is no legal age to carry an empty bottle of alcohol. We know how plastic is not Eco-Friendly. The way we re-use Oxyrich and Bisleri bottle to carry water, ever thought of carrying an alcohol bottle (filled with water, of course) to college and other public places? That shouldn’t be illegal. 😀
  2. It is Okay to honk in front of hospital but music concerts are not allowed post 11: How often do we have to wait for our friends, we might as well wait for them near a police station or a government office. Now, of course, those aren’t the no-noise zones and you car radio is not a loudspeaker, so technically, blowing horn and listening to music on full-volume (Post 11 pm) near government offices should be legal, right? 😀
  3. Freedom to stay out of home post 8: Some smarter administrators have time and again commented on how women should always be accompanied, how they shouldn’t stay out in dark and how they should dress. Let’s tell them that we don’t know what mood guys will be during elections and of course, we don’t know what is an apt dress code. What if the person behind me (in the line to vote) gets excited and what if he rapes me? Didn’t want to take chance, so couldn’t vote. Imagine if all women in a particular city choose to do this. Poor representative of the city! He will have as much explaining to do, as we need to! 😛

Please feel free to mention some other ideas that you might have, in the comments section. Writing a blog (or commenting on one) isn’t illegal, yet.


8 thoughts on “Might as well Ban It

  1. 1. Clear cut hyposcrisy/double standards.
    2. Second is a LOL. But technically, according to Noise Pollution Control Act 1986, a 100 metre neighbourhood of hospital falls under the category of “Silence Zone”. http://moef.gov.in/citizen/specinfo/noise.html
    3. Third one shows that the society is still sick and male-dominated. Women should be back by 8 pm means that there are rules operational on rapists after 8 pm and this is approved by our police. The message is – “Women don’t be out after 8 because after that police sides with the criminals.” Moreover, women can’t dress the way they want because men feel tempted to rape them. Now whose fault is that? According to police – women’s. All this can be simplified to the ludicrous statement “rapes occur because women exist”.

    And you mean change is “imminent”. Same feeling here except that many Indians will have to put tremendous effort to overhaul the system.

    • Are you really that thick or you had to put an effort into it?
      1. Hypocrisy & double standards of the society is exactly the reason I wrote this post. It was sardonic way of putting things.
      2. Duh! I know it is illegal BUT everyone still honks & police isn’t stopping them! That was the whole point.
      3. I have no idea what you are trying to say.
      P.S. You should focus on comprehension and understanding the tone of author (in this case, it is sarcastic).

  2. Dhara, the society in which we are living may be it is good developed from infrastructure point of view. But from mentality point of view, people are so narrow minded and yaaa our government whether it is state government or national level government, they live in old timesssss……..In our state, alcohol is illegal, but it is consumed more in our city as compared to other cities. So all these restrictions are due to fucking mentality of government people. And want to tell one thing, YEH SAB AISA HI RAHENA WALA HAIN….NOTHING WILLL BE CHANGE….So its all about mentality…….But jo bi ho, we have to live our lives rockingly…..fuck offff sociey…………I believe in only one thing…..LIVE LIFE TO SATISFY YOURSELF….NOT OTHERSSS…..

    • 🙂 I agree about the last line, “Live life to satisfy yourself, not others”, but I am not a pessimist and I believe change is eminent and patience is the key!

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