Dear Congress Party

Dear Congress Party, I would love to vote for you because you have some of the most amazing people as a part of your party and because you are a left-wing party but there are some reasons which stop me. I am a simple girl from Gujarat and I would any day vote for BJP in Gujarat unless you consider these points.

  1. You are a left-wing part not by choice but by fate and only because there isn’t any other party who is more leftist than you are. Your actions don’t show traces of conservative politics and that is why you are left-wing, not because you are liberal or socialist. Please start making sure that actions speak louder than the words in your manifestos.
  2. Mrs Gandhi, Can you please clear the air regarding your education? The claims on Wikipedia regarding your honorary doctorate from Madras University etc aren’t really substantiated. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what your education is, but when INC talks about adult education, women education etc., people have smirk on their faces and that bothers me. Put all these issues to rest once and for all?
  3. Rahul Baba, prove your mettle already! Mr Pilot, Mr Scindia come from political families as well but they have proved their worth. You, coming from the most celebrated family in India, should have changed the scenario of politics in India or at least done something outstanding. Apart from average performance of Youth Congress, there is nothing to your credit. Take up some big ministry and let us all see your work?
  4. I understand that none of the major parties across India is perfect. All of them are selfish, venal etc. But you are the strongest party ever and you have had the maximum number of chances to come to the power and do something for people and in all those times you were nothing but average. When even the strongest party isn’t doing something outstanding, why wouldn’t I rather support a party who is doing superb at least in my state? That should explain you why Gujarat chooses BJP for outstanding development work, West Bengal chooses TMC for Singur & Nandigram movements. So is true for other regional parties like SP, JDU etc. Take a hint, India is democracy & majority voters are young. Keep these in mind and you should be able to sweet all the elections.
  5. Voters like to have power. When I am giving you my vote, I would like to keep you accountable for it. Show your support. You can’t hide in your bunglows all the time. Speak up, console people and take actions to make their lives better.

There are many more things that you need to work on. Just start with these and start NOW!


Punish, Since We Can’t Save

Disclaimer: Read the entire first paragraph and not just first two lines before hating me.

You can hate me for saying this but, from my experience, I believe that any state with more than 1 rape/molestation case registered in a week needs to ban alcohol with immediate effect. I am not saying that such horrendous acts happen only because of the influence of alcohol. No, I would never say that. What I am trying to say is, banning alcohol is not a preemptive measure, but it is a punishment for people for not making a state be a better place, it is punishment for all parents for not making their kids a good person, it is a punishment for all youngsters for not making their friends be a good person, it is a punishment for all of you who are not a good person.

How can we talk about freedom to drink when there is no freedom to safety? There needs to law and order before there is any freedom. Freedom comes once we establish a structure. It can not go the other way round. As for the parallel economy or black money that will come into this equation because of such a practice of banning alcohol, please explain me how much good has our government done any way with all the money that we give them as taxes, that money is stashed in Swiss accounts. I’d rather have a small parallel economy running than see a girl with such injuries. I’d rather see youngsters complaining for lack of freedom than see a life ruined. I’d rather have people drinking sneakily and illegally at their homes than see them out in the open and making scenes. I’d rather see every one (girl or a boy) complaining and suffering from injustice of not being allowed to drink in public than see guys having the right to move around at night and girls being held captives in the comforts of their own homes after dark. I’d rather have everyone not being allowed to live their life to the fullest than see some people succumbing to injuries and losing their lives.

For me, rape, molestation, eve-teasing etc are the worst crimes of all. They are worse than assassin, murder, riots, forgery, extortion, robbery, embezzlement and even genocide. I don’t think I’d be very wrong if I say there is at least one rape every half an hour. Rapes disgust me the most because, more often than not, the victim here is not planned before hand.  Just because I guy is horny, any girl who comes in his way, gets to suffer. This attitude depicts the way people in the country are, it shows how nobody cared for law, it shows how less concerned are we for our women, it shows how less a life means to us.

I am not trying to victimize alcohol for the acts some stupid people do. There is very fine line between blaming alcohol for such acts and banning it as a punishment for not making the society our society law-abiding and civilized. You might ask that if it is such a fine line, how come alcohol came into a picture of rapes and molestation, it did because I live in a state which is extremely safe and which has alcohol forbidden. I have lived here for more than two decades and take my word for it, I have NEVER felt unsafe, not for a SECOND. May be it is just the culture of the city and it has got nothing to do with alcohol after all, but I would want to see this culture in the entire country. It hurts me that administrative capital of my country is also the rape capital.

May be you will find faults in what I say, but why don’t you try to find a better solution instead? While you do, we can experiment with banning alcohol in the state. While I know my voice is not going to reach the ears of the likes of Sheila Dixit, I rejoice in the fact that I live in a city where I am safe. My dear Delhi counterparts, I feel sorry for you. All my sympathies with you, may God save you from other humans around you!

A small act that women should do when their state is going through election process. Go to all the polls and put up a poster saying, “Decrease crimes against women and I might vote for you next time”. It is a small act. I am not sure if it will work or not but it is, I guess, worth a try.


1. If you find a fault in my plan, I’m sure we can improvise. Don’t bother telling me it won’t work without giving proper reasons.

2. Just to reiterate, I am NOT saying that only drunkards rape, I am not even averse to the fact that alcohol might have nothing to do with rapes. All I have suggested is just a punishment for entire society and thereby kindling a hope of improvement.

Piracy At Best

I love Internet, I love Google, I love Torrentz and most importantly, I love the fact that I can know everything I want.

I once read about Paulo Coelho‘s inclination towards pirating his own books at The Pirate Bay. I’d say that he is a writer in true sense. Sure, earning a comfortable living must be the foremost things for anyone, but for anyone with higher intellect, spreading knowledge should be almost close to the above-mentioned foremost thing. Why else would renowned Scientist in developed nations decide to publish their researches online for free? (It is good to see how scientists realize that this will narrow the gap between developed and developing nations. Link: Why else do we have free art exhibitions? (Owning a piece of art is & must be expensive but commoners can still appreciate it for free)

I came across a cliche discussion about what kind of movies we watch and what it says about us. Cinema for Indians isn’t art; Cinema isn’t a medium to share knowledge. For what it is worth, Cinema is just a mode of entertainment. Reality Check: myriad options are available for people is so-called metro cities, but change the scenario to one of the many normal cities of India and only options you have are eat, shop or go to the movies. People go there to relax and have fun, not to spark up an interesting debates. Personally I like watching documentaries and the so-called Parallel Cinema. Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi is one of my favorites in Indian movies. I loved watching Les Miserables and Mississippi Burning, which can not be really called conventional commercial cinema. But I download it from Torrentz and watch it at home, not at a multiplex with a gang of friends. Interestingly, I recently found out that some of the movies like Good Boy Bad Boy (commercial Indian cinema) are also available on YouTube for free.

One of my favorite books that I read in my school time was a typical girl’s book, ‘How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild And Had A Life’. Now the book is not available in market for some issue of plagiarism. I wonder what was achieved by recalling and destroying the shelf copies. The inspiration for this book was published ages ago. So if those books were to do good, they would have done that by the time this particular book was published. The authors could have settled was an agreement in terms of levying certain percentage etc., why destroy books?

I like how Paulo Coelho negotiated with his publisher. A new book must be published online for free in a certain time. Something like, publishing a book for free on internet after 5 years of it’s publishing sounds reasonably fair to me. It’s high time these artists came to an arrangement in a way such that every piece of art is brought about along with spreading the information for free, even the literature. After all, the reason for success of internet is free knowledge, right?

So Much For Adulthood

When I was juvenile and had restrictions over late night or mobile usage etc., I used to count days to be an adult. Epoch I used to long for were the days to freedom of making a choice for myself and being ‘legally’ responsible. How novice of me to not know ‘Adulthood’ is a charade.

  1. Aseem Trivedi Case: This guy became so conspicuous very recently. But he has been toiling with ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’ since long. His Website was also banned. So, now, if I have to draw, I need to take a consent from politicians to draw cartoons on them? Right, so I spend my life taking permits.
  2. The Dirty Picture Case: A movie legit for Adult viewing in movie theaters isn’t befitting to be viewed at home even after 11 p.m.? Right, as if we don’t have Star Worlds & Zee Cafes on our TV Screen! Of course, cleavage is more vulgar than kissing (Oh wait, how do you gauge vulgar? Bare Waist Vs Bare Legs, your pick?)
  3. ‘Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health’ Case: As far as I can tell, Cigarette smoking (at smoking zones) is not a crime while raping, killing, hitting-and-running, blackmailing and drinking alcohol (in Gujarat & few other states) are. “Dearest Bollywood Fraternity, please try to make a movie without all this.”: Message from Censor board and Politicians. “Please add love, violence & youngsters to that list”: Village Adults.

Rest assured I can give you many such examples like Social Media Ban, Dhoble etc.. But instead, let’s talk solutions. I reckon system of U, U/A & A should do. Make it K (Kids), Y (youngsters) and A (Adults). We can employ it to everything ranging from Newspapers to TV Channels to Websites and to Night-Clubs. If you choose the ‘A’ category and you do a crime owing to that, you get the extreme punishment. You are an adult, you made the choice now face the consequences.

To explain it further, say there is Bar rated ‘A’, it should be acceded to stay open 24*7 and serve drinks to the adult as much as he can pay for. But if the person is then caught Drunk-&-Driving or by chance meets an accident, give him as much punishment as you like. Let the ‘power to make a choice’ stay with adults and ‘power to punish for the crime’ stay with the government.

Problem Solved.

Post Scripts:

1. In case there is any law that states a person can not talk about these things on blogs, pardon my negligence, I couldn’t find any such thing on internet. You didn’t promote it enough.

2. Problem exists, we all know. If you have a better solution, please feel ‘free’ to express.

The Blogging Culture

It has been round-about six months since I started blogging my personal views. I have had lot of encouragement and surprisingly, most of it has been from people I don’t even know. For example, almost one-fourth of all-time viewers of my blog are from the USA but I hardly know ten people there and they don’t even know I blog.

There are uncountable posts on internet stating why you should blog, but the paramount question is “Why should you READ blogs?”. Blog writing/reading culture hasn’t really evolved in India as yet. Blame it on lack of infrastructure, but that is just an excuse. Reading, as a habit, is not instilled in our Indian minds. We choose to chat on Facebook or crib on Twitter over reading some good article.

Most beings haven’t explored what “blog-world” can offer to an individual. There are blog-posts on every imaginable subject possible. Whatever interests you, you can always find excellent posts relating to it. You can interact with someone who has already gone through what you are going through. Ever bought something you are not happy with? Ever worked in a famous company only to be disappointed by the work-culture? You should have read some reviews/experiences about it on the “blog-world”.

It is an established notion now that reading is essential. What you read, is secondary. Similarly, I believe, reading blog is foremost. Now whether you follow a Shashi Tharoor or a Swaminomics or a brooding photo-artist, that is secondary. The fact the you are ready to broaden your horizon and ready to know more about the world surrounding you is important. Don’t follow any particular blog if nothings appeals to your palate. But, once in a while, Google a topic, choose “Blog” category and read whatever interests you. You can find way better articles than the ones in the editorial section of any leading newspaper.

Words from a blog: “It’s really a shame that more people aren’t reading blogs, and we don’t just say that because we’d like the increased readership.” Blog Link:

“If you dont read blogs, you are no better than the one who can’t read blogs”

Fish In The Pond

Whenever we moot over numerous cities of India and otherwise, I always wonder the type of city I would want to settle down in.

Will I prefer a Mumbai over a Banglore, a Chandigarh over a Jaipur, a Baroda over a NY or probably Paris over Ohio? You might allege that these cities are too different to be compared. Of course, how can one compare glamour and art of Paris to naturally beautiful Ohio? How do you juxtapose cities anyway? I think cities should be categorized based of what majority of the residents do for a living and which age group do majority people belong to. Other factors like climate, economy, infrastructure etc., they lead to this categorization.

Some people like big and happening cities where you have complete freedom from nosy neighbors, neighbors have too much dirt on their own sleeves so as to dig up yours. Some, on the other hand, like old cities where the way of living is still traditional and people are genuinely interested in each other’s life (and influence each other’s decisions) which ultimately means smaller cities with limited development and limited options for everything.

The question remains the same: To be a Big fish in the Small pond OR To be a Small fish in a Big Pond. Would you like to live in a big city where you have access to the best of the coffee shops and malls and beaches OR will you prefer a comparatively smaller country side city/town with limited options but, all the same, it is a place where you have an identity of your own, where you are not just another being.

Surely, there has to be a balance. Not many choose to live in a typical Indian village (over 80% people will know you no matter what) or a typical Upper East Manhattan (Unless you own some MNC, hardly 1% people will recognize you by face, forget knowing your name), but what does your choice inclines to – Big Fish in Small Pond OR Small Fish in Big Pond?

I am yet to figure it out for myself. How are you going to balance it for yourself?

Know Your Politicians

With all the fuss about Presidential Elections, 2014 General Elections and December Elections of Gujarat, I was inquisitive about Educational Background of most important people in Indian Politics. With all the grapevine about Mrs Gandhi being Fifth Pass doing rounds, I felt the need to ascertain the same about our current CMs and Presidents, PMs of all times. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

Usually my Blog Posts are my Opinionated Domain but this time it is just compilation of what I came across. Also, bear the bad embedding of media. 😛

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  • Presidents
Most of our Presidents of all time have been extremely “Highbrow Men”. Receiving Honorary Doctorates and Lecturing at Universities like Oxford and Cambridge assures me that our Head of the State is a creditable person.
  • Prime Ministers

Level of my awe decreases here but we still have had a Kashi Vidhyapeeth Scholar and a Cambridge, Oxford Graduate. All inclusive, not that bad.

  • Chief Ministers

Assorted people form the body of our CMs. From being Home-Schooled to Doctors to IIT Bombay Graduate, some of our CMs are highly educated while few are not-so-well-read but even then they have done good for their states.

Even though all this Google research tells me that states have performed even with the CMs that are not so well learned, but personally I have always been of the opinion that more the educated people in Politics, more the progress we will see. Few of the relatively new CMs (viz Goa, Bihar etc) are also well-read and I am hoping for huge progresses in their respective states. I believe Education has a trickle-down effect. If the Head of the State is highly qualified, probability of success of states increases (plus, it gets easier to respect the States-person). Compared to earlier times, I find more CMs having proper education qualification today.