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Why do we have to be right always?

There have been few incidents in past one week which made me think about this topic.

  • I wanted to get new pair of lenses but when I went to order it, I was told to again get my number checked though I recently had got my prescription. There I got in a healthy discussion (read: polite argument) with the eye doctor about the cost of lenses while buying them online and from a shop. I believed online is cheaper while he believed shops are cheaper.
  • Today morning, I started discussing with a stranger (on Twitter) that how BJP in Gujarat is better than Congress. I didn’t even know that guy nor am I a firm BJP believer (I dont have much interest in Politics). I just have been in an environment where BJP is more preferred & has performed. But that particular guy opposed me and then we started having long discussions.
  • Last night I met an accident, I bumped my car into a bike. No harm done to anybody or anything. The guy was very poor and tried to get some money from me (but he just ended up wasting a lot of time, his as well as mine). After the accident, somebody told me that in India there is a law which says even if the fault is of a 2-wheeler guy, the 4-wheeler guy is supposed to pay for the 2-wheeler guy’s damages; 2-wheeler guy should pay for cycle people and so on (In Succinct: The  bigger vehicle person, even if he has no fault, is supposed to pay). This just ignited a whole discussion in my family where I believed this law (if it actually is) is stupid, while others believed that it is fair. None of us knew if there exists such a law, we were all talking hypothetically.

All these incidents made me start wondering am I the only one with such urges to prove myself right? But then I saw some conversations on Twitter which reinstated my gut feeling that every body wants to be proved right.

Why are we so insecure(or is it really the reason for continuing to prove ourselves right)? Why don’t we just let it go and spare so much of precious time which we end up wasting for a minute of ego boost? (does it really gives your ego a boost?) Why don’t we just give up on such baseless arguments? (Yea, yea, people say we shouldn’t give up so easily but does that apply to such petty things as well?)

Well, I can’t figure out why I used to keep on arguing till I was proved right. But irrespective, I think now on I am not going to involve myself in such stupid and baseless time wasting arguments which don’t do any good to any one.

Btw, more often than not, when such stupidly baseless discussions are about to end, one or both of the involved people use the word “Never Mind”!!! So even though I am bored of the usage of word “Never Mind”, Never Mind!!