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Raising Right

Kids being a disappointment for their parents is not anything unusual but what about parents being a disappointment for the entire world? At some level I might accept an alcoholic or an abusive or even ex-con as a parent (conditions apply) but what I don’t accept is parents raising their kids wrong.

In the two recent gang-rape cases (December: medical student gang-raped in a moving bus, April: minor girl raped by neighbor) one of the accused and the culprit (respectively) are minor. Surely both of them are responsible for what they did and they deserve punishment but I don’t think it ends there, what about parents? Aren’t parents supposed to talk Birds & Bees with their little ones (even if they don’t want to talk, they are at least supposed to make sure that they know everything about it) and make sure they are capable of know what is right and what isn’t? Honestly, I have no idea about parents of the implicated in these cases. They can be orphan for all I care but these aren’t isolated cases and I am sure not every parent in India is taking enough caution so as to make sure their teenagers don’t commit this crime. Are we going to let those folks off the hook? There is no punishment for them?

Sole responsibility of a parent isn’t just financially supporting their child, it is to make sure they are raising a good individual. I don’t recommend stay-at-home moms nor do I recommend excessive authority over youngsters. Figure out what works best for your situation but parents all over haven’t really proved themselves competent of figuring this out all on their own. Since I believe in adoption, I know that there are strict rules, background checks etc before allowing adoption. In a country where 40% people are poor and not all deliveries happen at hospitals, establishing a similar strict system before allowing someone to be a parent is an impossible task but there can be ways like, lets say, in cities maternity hospitals can insist on psychological analysis of parents. The solution can be found but for now there is lack of awareness about the existence of problem itself! May be parents aren’t completely responsible, may be our society is but to a good extent a parent should be capable of making sure that people surrounding their minors don’t lead them into doing crimes. If saving a kid from wrong people isn’t responsibility of a parent, whose responsibility is it? There is a reason parenting is probably the most difficult job ever. If you are not ready, steer clear!

P.S. For now I’m ignoring kids involved in other crimes like theft, murder etc.


So Much For Adulthood

When I was juvenile and had restrictions over late night or mobile usage etc., I used to count days to be an adult. Epoch I used to long for were the days to freedom of making a choice for myself and being ‘legally’ responsible. How novice of me to not know ‘Adulthood’ is a charade.

  1. Aseem Trivedi Case: This guy became so conspicuous very recently. But he has been toiling with ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’ since long. His Website was also banned. So, now, if I have to draw, I need to take a consent from politicians to draw cartoons on them? Right, so I spend my life taking permits.
  2. The Dirty Picture Case: A movie legit for Adult viewing in movie theaters isn’t befitting to be viewed at home even after 11 p.m.? Right, as if we don’t have Star Worlds & Zee Cafes on our TV Screen! Of course, cleavage is more vulgar than kissing (Oh wait, how do you gauge vulgar? Bare Waist Vs Bare Legs, your pick?)
  3. ‘Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health’ Case: As far as I can tell, Cigarette smoking (at smoking zones) is not a crime while raping, killing, hitting-and-running, blackmailing and drinking alcohol (in Gujarat & few other states) are. “Dearest Bollywood Fraternity, please try to make a movie without all this.”: Message from Censor board and Politicians. “Please add love, violence & youngsters to that list”: Village Adults.

Rest assured I can give you many such examples like Social Media Ban, Dhoble etc.. But instead, let’s talk solutions. I reckon system of U, U/A & A should do. Make it K (Kids), Y (youngsters) and A (Adults). We can employ it to everything ranging from Newspapers to TV Channels to Websites and to Night-Clubs. If you choose the ‘A’ category and you do a crime owing to that, you get the extreme punishment. You are an adult, you made the choice now face the consequences.

To explain it further, say there is Bar rated ‘A’, it should be acceded to stay open 24*7 and serve drinks to the adult as much as he can pay for. But if the person is then caught Drunk-&-Driving or by chance meets an accident, give him as much punishment as you like. Let the ‘power to make a choice’ stay with adults and ‘power to punish for the crime’ stay with the government.

Problem Solved.

Post Scripts:

1. In case there is any law that states a person can not talk about these things on blogs, pardon my negligence, I couldn’t find any such thing on internet. You didn’t promote it enough.

2. Problem exists, we all know. If you have a better solution, please feel ‘free’ to express.